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Our Mission

FRAME BY is a young product design company founded in 2017 based in Korea, and jointly developed and produced ‘FRAME CASE’ for vertical cards with Hyundai Card. Instead of other card cases, we introduced the new kind of card case that didn't exist before. The various combinations of cards and cases are not only beautiful and cool, but the new concept has been created to express each person's individuality by holding various card designs in the case. The card case has sold more than 450K units, has over 10K reviews, and is rated at over 95% consumer satisfaction. Since then, based on the philosophy of creating the new kind, we added a stand to the AirPods case ‘STAND CASE’ for listening music and watching video. And the new kind of employee id card case ‘ID BY’ has also been introduced as the roles of members have diversified.

Design the frame
rather than a product.

Our mission is not just to design existing products more beautifully, but to search for essentials of

the products and define the frame of product by reflecting the values of the times we live.

Collaboration with


We collaborate with the brand who creates the new impact in their field,

not the size of the company.

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